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We Provide Housing Support to Families in Need

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The Section 8 rental assistance program is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by the Lafayette County Housing Authority (LCHA) serving households in Lafayette, Carroll, Chariton, Johnson, Saline, and Pettis counties of rural Missouri.

The housing unit selected by the family must meet an acceptable level of health and safety before the Public Housing Authority (PHA) can approve the unit. When the voucher holder finds a unit that it wishes to occupy and reaches an agreement with the landlord over the lease term, the PHA must inspect the dwelling and determine that the rent requested is reasonable.

A family’s housing needs may change over time with changes in family size, job locations, and for other reasons. The housing choice voucher program is designed to allow families to move without the loss of housing assistance. Moves are permissible as long as the family notifies the PHA ahead of time, terminates its existing lease with the lease provisions, and finds acceptable alternate housing.

Eligibility is determined by the PHA based on the total annual gross household income and family size and is limited to US citizens and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status.

For more information contact your local Family Resource Center.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does the housing authority have emergency housing?
A: There is no emergency housing available through the Lafayette County Housing Authority. You may have to reach out to your local MVCAA Family Resource Center.
Q: How long will it take for my application to be processed?
A: Once your application is submitted, we will review the application to verify it is complete. When the application is complete, we will place you on a wait-list (this may take a few weeks to process).
Q: How long does it take to be housed?
A: It varies. Depending on your placement on the wait-list, it could take from six months to more than one year. Placement on the wait-list is on a first come, first served basis.
Q: Does the housing authority implement preferences?
A: No. The housing authority does not implement preferences.  We do not justify placement on the wait-list for individuals or families based on their current situation.
Q: How do I update the information on my application?
A: You must submit changes to your address and/or phone number in writing. An out-dated address and/or phone number could jeopardize your placement on the wait-list. Our mailing address is:

Lafayette County Housing Authority
1415 S. Odell
Marshall, MO 65340

Q: How do I check my status on the wait-list?
A:  The housing authority sends out letters periodically informing you of your status on the wait-list.

Q: Can I complete an application in person?
A: Yes. Contact your local Family Resource Center to schedule an appointment.